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Frequently Asked Questions

BUYERS BEWARE! Buying  reverse osmosis units with membranes less than 50 GPD is a marginal approach and buying  units over 50 GPD is a marginal approach.

Also, buying reverse osmosis units with more than 4 stages is usually a marginal or unethical approach unless you have a specific need for an additional filter.

For example, a 5 stage filter would be needed if you had arsenic or some other contaminant that would require the additional carbon block filter in a 5 stage.

Ordering a reverse osmosis unit with additional filters such as deionizer filters is usually unnecessary and marginal.

Companies selling reverse osmosis systems with 5, 6, 7 or even more filters with additional or unnecessary replacement filters are companies that are using unethical practices.

Also, we find that most of these companies are non-professionals working out of their homes. Over 99% of all these companies formed each year never survive their first year in business, and all of those customers get left with no place to buy replacement filters, which means those cheap, misapplied aftermarket entry-level reverse osmosis units become completely useless!

More filters rarely mean it is a better reverse osmosis unit. In fact, it often means exactly the opposite!

Q and A's:

Q. Why do you say it's unethical to sell 6 & 7 stage R.O. filters?

A. There are many discount companies on many discount websites selling off-brand, aftermarket R.O. units with 6 & 7 stages or more, and membranes in excess of 50 GPD. They do this to imply that it is a better R.O. for the money when in fact the exact opposite is true.

FOR EXAMPLE: Using a membrane below 50 GPD will NOT provide enough water.

Using a membrane above  50 GPD (while it will provide plenty of water) will LOWER  the quality of the water.

The perfect sized membrane for ANY household application is 50 GPD.

While we do sell 75 or 100 GPD membranes, we normally don't recommend them for residential use.

Reverse Osmosis unit w/ tank.    


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